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The story of Me

With 15 years of experience in first documentary photography and then fashion photography, it became natural for me to start capturing weddings. My goal is to capture true moments that contain elements of authenticity while still being visually beautiful. This fusion comes naturally from my documentary/fashion background and has given me the opportunity to shoot over 100 weddings.

My love for photography started as a 13-year-old geek running around with my mother’s digital camera (it had 1 megapixel) taking pictures of everything from insects to people.  I was completely fascinated by the fact that I could freeze a moment and keep it forever.


Without knowing it - those days span me into a lifelong passion that has followed me since.

For several years I focused on documentary photography, telling stories with photos from Cuba, South Africa, Argentina, Paraguay and Spain. I later studied photo journalism at Biskops Arnö, in Sweden.

Although I was very young at the time, the primary thing that I learned, was that it was all about story telling.

- Telling stories is how we perceive the world, and ourselves. Photography at its best is just about that. Simply capturing those moments that together tells the whole story.

I later crossed over to fashion and advertising photography. It was no longer only about telling stories, suddenly it became very important for the stories to be visually perfected as well. Working with brands such as H&M and IKEA, I learned the tools to complete the full circle.

A few years ago, by coincidence, I took a wedding assignment.


I instantly fell in love. Documentary/fashion photography is the perfect fusion for wedding photography.


Capturing those split seconds of emotions, while maintaining the beauty is what I do best. I use the same equipment and ideas from the fashion industry and combine it with the curiosity of documentary photography.

My goals are to tell your story through a series of beautiful visuals throughout your most important day. To create a storybook which will last you a lifetime.

I am very thankful for being able to work with my passion. It has also given me the opportunity to meet people all over the world and take part in their most important days. Believe me - magic is real.

Contact me

I would love to tell your story.

I'm based in Barcelona, Spain, however I take assignments all over the world.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements and special day in more detail.

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