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How it works


I usually spend the whole day at a wedding. I arrive after makeup, normally around 12.00. To take photos of details, the wedding dress, etc. Capturing the preparations is an important part of the story.

I try to blend in as one the guests during the day, focusing on discreetly capturing laughter and tears, the ceremony, environments, speeches and other events. My main focus is to take "documentary" photos, where I capture true moments.


Most of my day consists of following the event, documenting occasions as it happens. Other than that, there are two occasions that needs a bit of planning:


The first would be taking some portraits of the couple - At a chosen time of the day, we go to a prearranged place and take some couple portraits in a beautiful location. These photos often are perfect for framing, thank you cards, social media and photo books. This normally takes about 20 minutes, depending on how detailed and broad you would like this session to be.

The other occasion that needs a bit of planning are the group photos. These often consists of a few setups, for example:

-All guests

-Both families

-Bridesmaids and groomsmen

However, this is fully customizable. The group pictures normally require around 20 minutes depending on the desired number of setups.


I work best when I have fun and can be a part of the day, almost like a guest. I normally attend the dinner with other guests, socializing and so on. That way, I always manage to capture really genuine moments. I do not believe in being a stiff photographer in the corner.


Later in the evening, when the dinner comes to its end. I usually end my day. Normally around 21.00. 



80 % of my clients also include video.

I offer a approximately 3 minute long highlight video (1 song that the couple chooses). Please see examples of this under the "Video" menu. 

Notice that commercial songs can be deleted by social media after a while.

I do not record audio or speeches.



I take my time when choosing the best photos of all the thousands I’ve taken during the day. This selection usually results in about 300-500 really good photos that represent the whole wedding. I spend about 1 week of retouch and adjustments to make sure these photos look really good. I do not use any presets - I perfect each image separately.

In addition to my selection, you will also receive all the other photos that I have taken during the day. But without editing).

Most wedding photographers sell photos separately. Personally, I think it feels natural for you to receive them all. These images are sent digitally at full resolution.

Delivery time is up to 6 weeks during high season. Although I can deliver some really good images the following day, for example for social media.

If you think this feels right, we could meet for a coffee (or skype) and talk some more details. Upon request I can also send examples of how a full delivery looks like. It is very important that we are synced for a day as important at this!

Contact me

I would love to tell your story.

I'm based in Barcelona, Spain, however I take assignments all over the world.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements and special day in more detail.

We could also talk over the phone:

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